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21st to 31st August 2023

Kandy Perahera is a unique fusion of two processions - The Esala and Dalada. Originally, the Esala Perahera was a ritual performed to ask the gods for rain. The Dalada Perahera, meanwhile is to honour one of the world's few sacred Buddhist relics, in this case, one of the Lord Buddha's teeth.

Kandy - Srilanka

Perahaera Schedule 2023

Kubal Perahara

21st to 24th August

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Final Kubal Perahara

25th August

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Randoli Perahara

26th to 29th August

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Final Randoli Perahara

30th August

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Kandy Day Perahara

31st August

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Kandy Perahara More Information​

Final Kubal Perahara - 25th August

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