Explore Village of Indigenous (Veddah) people of Sri Lanka

Vedda Village, is a small indigenous village located in the Dambana area of Sri Lanka. The Vedda people, or Wanniyala-Aetto as they are called in their own language, are considered the indigenous inhabitants of Sri Lanka. The village is nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Uva Province, characterized by dense forests and scenic landscapes.

The Vedda people have a unique culture and way of life, closely connected to nature. They have traditionally practiced hunting and gathering as their primary means of subsistence. The Vedda Village Dambana offers visitors an opportunity to experience the traditional lifestyle and cultural heritage of the Vedda people. The village provides insights into their customs, rituals, language, and traditional practices. Visitors can witness traditional dance performances, listen to folk tales and songs, and learn about their unique relationship with the natural environment.

It’s important to note that when visiting the Vedda Village Dambana, it is crucial to respect the community, their customs, and their way of life.

Tour Plan

1 Day 1
  • Meet our crew in Kandy and transfer to Veddha Village
  • Lunch at Veddha Village 
  • Explore jungle with Veddhas. Veddha’s will demonstrate their hunting methods
  • BBQ dinner and experience Veddhas way of living
  • Overnight stay at the camp Site in Veddha Village
2 Day 2
  • Breakfast at the camp
  • Explore surrounding, Mountains, Caves with Veddhas
  • Freshen up in the Veddha Village
  • Interact with aboriginals 
  • Farewell to Veddhas as they chant you blessings of the jungle God
  • Transfer to Kandy and drop off
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