Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, offers a unique and breathtaking experience, allowing you to soar above the picturesque landscapes of this historic town. A hot air balloon is a type of aircraft lifted by heating the air inside the balloon, usually with fire.

Hot air ballooning in Dambulla typically takes place during the early morning hours when the weather conditions are optimal for a safe and enjoyable flight. The balloon rides offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, including lush greenery, paddy fields, lakes, and the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the distance. The hot air balloon rides in Dambulla usually last for about an hour, providing ample time to admire the beauty of the landscape from a unique vantage point. As the balloon gently glides through the sky, you can witness the golden hues of the sunrise or the serene beauty of the countryside.

During the flight, experienced pilots maneuver the balloon, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. They also provide informative commentary about the landmarks and points of interest visible from above, adding to the enriching experience.

Hot air ballooning in Dambulla is a popular activity for tourists seeking an adventurous and memorable way to explore the region. The serene and tranquil atmosphere as you float above the stunning landscapes creates a sense of awe and tranquillity.

Participating in a hot air balloon ride in Dambulla is an excellent way to create lasting memories and capture stunning aerial photographs of scenic surroundings. The combination of breathtaking views, tranquillity, and the sense of freedom as you float in the sky make it a truly unforgettable experience.


Flight Area and Timing

  • Take Off Place: Kandalama / Dambulla 
  • Flight Area: Dambulla-Kandalama-Sigiriya depending wind direction.
  • Take Off Time: Around 06:00 
  • Flight Duration: 1 hour (+/- 10 min. depending on weather and terrain)
  • Pick Up Time: Kandalama: 05:30, Dambulla: 05:15, Sigiriya & Habarana: 05:00 (may vary depending on hotel location)


  • Transfers from/to hotel
  • snack Breakfast before take-off (bun, tea-coffee, banana)
  • 1h Balloon Flight
  • Cold Water on board
  • Glass of Champagne – Juice - Water, and Cake on landing location
  • personalized Flight Certificate
  • Insurance
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