Knuckles waterfall excursion Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with a huge variation of weather conditions & rich with various travelling attractions. Among them waterfalls are very famous among people who are interested in “Eco & Adventure Tours”. Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful attractions that you can witness in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is rich with bio-diversity according to its different provinces & districts.

The Knuckles Mountain Range is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular spot for hikers. Knuckles Mountain Range consists nearly 30 waterfalls in the entire sanctuary. These waterfalls are major water-sources to the longest river in the country which is Mahaweli River. Out of these 30, nearly 15 waterfalls are located bordering the Knuckles range. In this day excursion we are planning to visit 6 -7 waterfalls depending on the ability of clients walking speed and fitness levels.


Hulu Ganga Waterfall – The Hulu River is one of the Mahaweli River’s major branches. The height of the waterfall is about 68 meters. It carries a lot of water because the entire Hulu Ganga spans this waterfall. As a result, it is too wide to effectively spray water drops over a long distance. You can reach the fall from a distance.


Jodu Ella Waterfall/Twin falls – Jodu Ella Waterfall is also located on the border of the Knuckles range. Jodu Ella Falls is situated in Gomara in the Kandy district. It is also known as “Bambarella Knuckles falls” and has identical lengths of 45 meters. They cascade from both ends of the mountain and flow across the Huluganga River finally ending up in the Mahaweli River. The surrounding area of the Jodu ella falls is filled with wildlife and many types of medicinal plants. 


Knuckles falls – Knuckles waterfall is located inside the Knuckles Forest. Hikers will have to walk through the forest for about 3 kms to reach the waterfall. The height of The Knuckles waterfall is approximately 15 meters. 


Lebanon Estate Waterfall 01 – The Lebanon Estate in Kandy District hides two large and beautiful waterfalls. These waterfalls are relatively unknown and have no names. This 30-meter waterfall is formed and the water plunge in to a pool in a straight fall. This waterfall can be reached by traveling 5.5 kilometers from the Hulu Ganga Ella Falls and need to walk around one kilometer through the tea estate.


Lebanon Estate Waterfall 02 – This water fall lies deep inside the Lebanon estate village & approximately 15-20 Meters in height. Travellers have to hike about 1.5 km through line rooms and a small jungle patch to reach this waterfall.


Saree Ella Falls- This waterfall is in 5 minute drive from Bambarella town. This waterfall is approximately 60 – 65 meters in height. The fall takes form of a fall of a ladies Saree thus its name. The fall consists of number of cascades and can be accessed on any vehicle.


Thaliya Watuna Ella Waterfall – This waterfall is approximately 50 meters in height. This waterfall lies in Alakola Estate in the Knuckles Mountain range in Kandy District. Therefore, this fall is also known as Alakola Ella. Travel about 3km along the road and you will find a footpath leading towards to the base pool of the Thaliya Wetuna Ella. Traveler’s need to walk around one and half kilometers trough the tea estate to reach the waterfall.


We “Chariot Travels & Tours” offer you this waterfall excursion around Knuckles Mountain Range according to your desire to eco & adventure travel. Sri Lanka is a country with a huge bio-diversity difference, with us you can feel a part of Sri Lankan nature in one day to fulfill your desire for exploring waterfalls. This package covers about 6,7 waterfalls on the border of the Knuckles Mountain range. 


No. of Pax 2 pax  4 pax  6 pax  8 pax  10 pax  15 pax 
PP Rate  USD 122 USD 84   USD 71 USD 67 USD 61 USD 53 



  • Clients must have good pair of Shoes/boots, leech socks, long sleeve t-shirts and pants…
  • The experienced and well-trained guide would take every precaution to ensure the safety

and wellbeing of all guests on tour as your safety is our prime concern. However, Paradise

Island Safari or its employees do not accept any liability for death, injury or illness of guest

while on tour caused by any animal, reptile, insect, and events of nature or any type of



  • Lunch
  • Refreshments with energy slabs
  • First aid, nursing officer, experienced naturalist, village guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Tuk tuk rides via tea estate village
  • Back up vehicle for emergency transport
  • Support staff - guide, helper(s), and qualified first aid officer
  • Any transportation up to Hulu Ganga. (Transportation up to Hulu Ganga can be arranged as your request)
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