Ridiviharaya and Nelligala Temple

Nelligala International Buddhist Centre

Nelligala International Buddhist Centre, situated in a mountain summit with a    panoramic views. This spectacular landscape of hills, green tea estates and woodlands will make peaceful and positive moods.

  • Golden colour stupa
  • Big Buddhist flags
  • Large bells donated by the Thai Buddhist
  • Golden Lion Statues
  • Buddha statues
  • Statue of god Saman sitting in a majestic white elephant

Rideevihara Great Royal temple

The story of the Rideevihara goes up to the 2nd Century BC. During the time of King Dutugemunu he was involved in constructing the great Stupa Ruwanweliseya and this huge task and the cost threatened to drain country’s resources. The King was deeply troubled and during this time an enormous quantity of silver was discovered from a cave where the Ridheevihara now stands. In 18th century King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe restored this temple to present state.

  • Serasumgala
  • Waraka welandu Viharaya
  • Hevisi Mandapaya
  • Mahaviharaya
  • Uda Viharaya
  • Ceramic tiles engraved with Christ’s life story
  • Ivory door frame
  • Wall Paintings (Kandyan Era)

Pahangala Rock

A smooth trek to a panoramic view along the temple premises 30-45 minutes.

  • View from the rock
  • Rice fields view
  • View lakes around the area from the rock


  • Transport from Kandy Accommodation
  • Trekking Guide and Helper from the area
  • Entrance Permits and Tickets
  • Mineral Water
  • Hats or caps
  • walking sticks

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